Ground Station Division

First designed and commissioned in 2003 for the NigeriaSat1 satellite launched the same year.

The Ground Segment Unit was set up for all NASRDA/CSTD Earth Observation Satellites to • Handle all communication with all Earth Observation Satellites
• Handle all platform operations and maintenance on the spacecraft
• Control all mission operations - payload operations and processing of satellite data

It has since expanded to include the Mission Control Center for the Nigeriasat-2 and the NigeriaSat-X Satellites launched on the 17th of August 2011. The Nigeriasat2 and Nigeriasat-X Mission Control Center was officially commissioned in 2012.

Other activities of the Ground Segment include;
• Research and development of better data processing tools and satellite health and trend analysis tools • Software/Program development for integration of new missions • Expansion and integration of all new Mission Control Centers into existing Ground Segment Structure.