Welcome to Centre for Satellite Technology Development (CSTD ) “We are in Space to keep the pace”

Satellite technology remains the driving force behind most developed and developing economies. It provides security, telecommunications, technology advancements, protects the environment and a host of daily services. In today’s satellite oriented industries change is the only constant, from market and technological changes to policy and budgetary uncertainties.

To keep up with such changes the centre has a growing work force of highly motivated staff from various scientific and engineering backgrounds. It is a great privilege to lead a team of African pioneers in the satellite industry. Over time Space has become a crucial tool in tackling the global challenges various countries are facing and will continue to face in years to come. Through CSTD, we can help Nigeria and the World as a whole become a better place to live in. To us sky is not the limit.

Mechanical Systems
Digital and Communications
Integration and Power
Mission Control
Reliability and Components

Our Divisions

Administration & Finance Division

The Administration and Finance Department is one of the Departments in the Center for Satellite Technology Development, Abuja.The Department is basically a service learn more

Electrical Engineering & Research Development Division

The Electrical engineering and research and Development division comprises of systems that require electrical engineering on board a satellite. learn more

Mechanical Engineering & Manufacturing Division

Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing division takes in all built structures and moving parts flown in space, which includes automation and robotics... learn more

Ground Station Division

First designed and commissioned in 2003 for the NigeriaSat1 satellite launched the same year. The Ground Segment Unit was set up for all NASRDA/CSTD Earth Observation Satellites to learn more

Directorate Division

The directorate division coordinate the activities of the other divisions of the center thereby, all head of divisions report directly to the director.The division is creating learn more

Our Partners

CSTD is delightedhappy to work with our strategic partners.

The Centre for Satellite Technology Development (CSTD ) is one of the six (6) activity centres of the Nigerian National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) and our partners includes:

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