Advances in research and development of space science and technology continues to revolutionize the world, change its dynamics and thus proves to be a critical driving force behind the economic growth of most developed and developing nations. Nigerians must take advantage of this innovations to utilize space and the by-products of space technology to make significant strides in optimizing this resources for her space application programs. This would be actualized via harnessing the use of space technologies of direct relevance to solve national needs in consonance with the global sustainable development agenda through sustainable space utilisation and safe space operations.

To this end, this year’s conference will seek to address the Integration of Space Technology in Nigeria and the Spectrum of opportunities that abounds therein when applied to the various sectors of the economy. The conference will bring together consultants, companies, academia, researchers and professionals within and outside the industry to think globally about emerging technologies, act locally by integrating and adapting space technology to address our diverse socio-economic problems. It will also explore the feasibility of creating collaborations with other companies in the industry for the development of indigenous space assets to ensure maximum returns on investments. Technical & poster presentations on indigenous research innovations are welcomed.


This announcement serves as an invitation to all potential participants of the 2017 CSTD ANNUAL SPACE CONFERENCE to submit abstract(s) of paper(s) for presentation. The abstract(s) should include;

  • The title of the paper, the full name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s) in the order of first name, middle name/initial and last name. Please do not include titles e.g. Prof, Dr, Mr, Mrs Etc. Indicate the name of the presenter/corresponding author with an asterisk (*) immediately after his/her last name including his/her email address and phone number. A single paragraph of not more than 300 words. Please note that abstracts should not contain references, citations, graphs, illustrations or equations. Accepted Format – Abstracts (MS-Word, Times New Roman, Font 12) and Full Paper (Power Point & MS-Word, Times New Roman, Font Size 12) All abstracts forwarded to the e-mail address below should bear the subject “Abstract_Author’s name”, while full text should bear the subject “FullText_Author’s name”.

  • All abstract(s) should be submitted electronically on or before May 31st, 2017.

  • Excellent peer-reviewed papers would be published in reputable journals. Consequently, authors of accepted abstracts would be requested to submit a full text of their paper(s) on or before June 28th, 2017.

  • Prospective Participants would be informed of the acceptance of their abstracts & full paper(s) on or before June 7th, 2017 & July 14th, 2017 respectively.

  • All abstract(s)/paper(s) submission should be done electronically via our website at www.cstd.nasrda.gov.ng by clicking on the menu: CSTDWEEK 2017.


  • Space Science, Technology & Applications – Papers should emphasize space science research, applications, novel technologies, products and services.
    • Design and Development of Small Satellites and Associated Payload.
    • Global Science, Communications & Environmental Monitoring.
    • Security and Surveillance, Telecommunications and Wireless Networks.
    • Spacecraft Modules, Space technology spin-offs and services to industries.
    • Software Technologies & Applications, Earth Intelligence & Analysis.

  • Aerospace Engineering, Materials & Component Miniaturization – Papers should focus on the research, design, development, testing and assembly of spacecraft as well as composite materials to enhance development of more compact and sizeable space systems.
    • Robotics, Rocketry & Aviation Technologies.
    • Composites Materials & Miniaturization.
    • Emerging Innovations in the science and technology of spacecraft.
    • Safety and Quality Assurance, Functional intelligent materials and Smart structures.

  • Space Weather and Environments – Papers should emphasize space weather effects, variations, impacts and dynamics on space based assets and the electromagnetic environment of the earth.
    • Sun – Earth Connections & Climate Change.
    • Earth’s Ionosphere & Geomagnetism.
    • Space Environment, Weather & the Multi-techniques for probing it.
    • Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

  • Collaborations, Policies, Partnerships & Investments – Papers should focus on partnerships, space policies, laws and capabilities that proffer new opportunities for addressing global challenges.
    • Capacity building and Know How Technology Transfer (KHTT) programs.
    • Code of ethics & legal framework to operationalize Space technology Indigenization.
    • Space Entrepreneurships from Space technology spinoffs and deliverables, resulting in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
    • Collaborative efforts (bilateral and multilateral) and partnership in the space Industry.
    • Development of a broad based domestic public – private sector intervention program.


  • Registration for this conference is free but mandatory for all participants.
  • Read through the Instructions HERE.
  • To register CLICK HERE.


There shall be poster sessions and exhibition of products (hardware and services) during the conference. Those intending to present their paper(s) as poster or exhibit their products are required to indicate their interest by using the subject header “Poster_Author’s name” for forwarded poster and “Exhibition_ProductType_Author’s name” for exhibition. The final decision will however be made by the technical committee and communicated to authors.

For further enquiries, please contact the technical committee via techsec@cstd.nasrda.gov.ng

We look forward to your favourable response. Accept the assurance of our highest regards.

Dr Sadiq Umar

Head, Technical Committee



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